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November 6, 2018 Division 2

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Why I Am Running for Justice of the West Virginia
Supreme Court

In my 28 years of practicing law I have had uniformly positive experiences. My clients, co-counsel and opposing counsel, as well as the Judges and Justices I have appeared in front of have been women and men of honor, integrity and service. It saddens me to see our system of justice let down the people it was intended to serve.

West Virginia is experiencing a crisis of confidence in its court system. The men and women who were entrusted with stewardship of our courts lost sight of the fact that their role was to serve the people of West Virginia, not themselves, not outside interests. While judicial resources were directed to floors, and couches and other frivolities, the Circuit and Family Courts lack the basic resources necessary to do their jobs; Drug Courts are underfunded and undermanned, and probation departments are not given the funding necessary to enact programs promulgated by the legislature. Things must change. A new direction is needed.

West Virginia can no longer tolerate Justices who see the Court as a stepping stone to higher political office or as a “super-legislature” to make laws for special interests, both in and out of the state. Rather, West Virginia needs Justices who will follow the law, and who have actually represented parties before trial and appellate courts, and know the challenges faced by parties, Court staffs, judges, and attorneys. The next Justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court must have the breadth of legal practice to deal with increasingly complex issues in a manner consistent with the laws and procedural rules of West Virginia. But mostly, West Virginia deserves Justices that have a heart to serve. Read More

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